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Addi Double Pointed Knitting Needle set

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Addi Double Pointed Knitting Needle set. Addi Socks by Woolly Hugs is a fantastic sock knitting set for all abilities of sock knitting addicts! If you order today, we will add a st f 2mm bamboo double pointed needles at no extra cost. 

The bamboo warms to the touch, so is wondeful for fine motor skills in cooler temperatures. Addi recommends bamboo needles for those who have cold, stiff fingers. The bamboo is also more flexible than metal and is coated with canuba wax to prevent snags and splinters. Choose this eco friendly option!

This gorgeous fully lined case comes filled with 8 sets of DPNs in sizes

  • 2.5mm in 15 and 20cm lengths. 
  • 3.25mm in 15 and 20cm lengths.
  • 3.5mm in 15 and 20cm lengths. 
  • 4 mm in 15cm and 20cm lengths,

You also get: 

  • 1 pair of embroidery scissors
  • A measuring tape,
  • 4 bear shaped needle huggers
  • 2 addi love stitch markers
  • 2 addimarker stitch markers.
  • 1 2.5mm cable needle
  • 1 darning needle 

It really does contain everything you could need and makes a great gift. This this set comes with a popular range of sizes so you can knit much more than socks. Knit anything with a small circumference such as gloves, mitts, toys, sleeves and hats! 

Addi socks by woolly hugs is a brilliant set for anyone looking to expand their sock knitting skills. 

Needle type: DPN Material: Bamboo