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Addi Sock Wonder

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Addi sock wonder needles are revolutionary for knitting a small circumference.

Try knitting socks, sleeves and cuffs with Addi sockwonder needles for a change from long circulars or DPNs.

You'll see that you can select sockwonder basic or sock wonder lace. The lace are PERFECT for lace patterns or fine yarns such as lace weight and fingering/4ply.

They give you a wonderful tension and a smooth knit when knitting socks. With a 25cm cord these needles will not require you to stop at the end of each row like you do with magic loop. Your knitting will just go round and round until you're done. I have used these myself and once you get your hands acquainted with the unusual needles your knitting will speed up.

One needle is slightly longer than the other allowing your stitches to rest while the smaller needle which is in your working hand will "pick" up the stitches. Just place a marker on the beginning of your round and you will be amazed at how quickly you've made a sock cuff, for example. Suitable for continental style, English wrapping, throwing or any other way that you may knit! I personally find these quicker than magic loop or DPNs. I'll show you why in the video. Sold in individual packs.