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Resin Dinosaur Stitch Markers

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Handmade resin dinosaur stitch markers for knitting and crochet. These pretty prehistoric animal shapes have been hand made in the UK. Each dino is unique, no two are the same!

Add some sparkle to your knitting or crochet project with these handy dinos. Which is your favourite? 

Wat are they made of?

These stitch markers are made of resin! As they are resin, they are incredibly lightweight. They are also adorable, translucent and sparkly. Each dinosaur measures approximately 1cm by 2cm. We have lovingly made them all here in the UK. 

Sold as a pack of 4: 
  • 1 Stegosaurus 
  • 1 T rex 
  • 1 Triceratops 
  • 1 Brontosaurus 
What type to choose?

One option is the 10mm split ring fastening. This option enables the dinosaur stitch markers to be used comfortably with knitting needles up to 7mm thick. As a result, they are therefore perfect for knitting.

Alternatively, Lobster claw fastenings are great for needles up to 3.75mm or as progress keepers, they have other uses. You can use the lobster clasp for crochet. You can clip the marker directly onto the work to mark armholes, count stitches, count rows or leave a mark for an afterrhought heel. 

You will also she that these resin dinosaur stitch markers are unique as well as enjoyable to look at. The amount of sparkle that each one has will vary from dino to dino! 

When can I expect them? 

All orders are processed within 5 working days. 

In conclusion: 
  • They're lightweight, 
  • They are brilliant for a wide range of projects. 
  • They sparkle. 
  • They're cute. 
  • They make a wonderful gift for a knitter. 
  • They're handmade in the UK. 

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Customer Reviews

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