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Addi needle huggers (rubber) 8 pieces

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Addi needle huggers (Rubber) 8 pieces 

Set of 8 needle huggers (rubber) for double pointed or straight needles. Adorable teddy bear needle huggers in 4 colours.  

Keep your needles organised with these adorabe teddy bear shaped needle huggers. They are made of rubber and are in different colours according to their sizes. They are colour coded and great for organising your needles. 

They look like gummy bears but they are absolutely not edible. They are approximtely 1 inch/2.5cm wide and have a cavity to secure needles. We recommend Addi needle huggers (rubber)8 pieces for every knitter's collection. They are sure to be of use! 

How do they work? 

Each bear has a cavity that accomodates various needle sizes. They can hold 4 or  smaller needles, or 2 larger needles. Place the huggers at either end of the needles to secure them and stop them from rolling away!

Inside the box: 

  • 8 gummy bears in 4 sets of 2.
  • They fit needles from size 2mm to 10mm.