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Germander Cottage Crafts

Mystery treat box of yarn

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Mystery treat box of yarn for knitting or crochet. Do you want to treat yourself or somebody else to a surprise? This will be a lovely treat for any hooker or knitter in your life.

Whether it's mothers day, a birthday, a treat-yourself day or any day that ends in a 'y', we think everyone deserves a mystery treat box of yarn from time to time. 

Allow us to delight you with a mystery assortment of handpicked goodies. They could be British yarns or yarns from further afield. The rules of gift giving go like this; give gifts that you would like to receive yourself, and that is exactly what we do here!

What's in the box?

  • A surprise selection of yarns for you to enjoy. Brands include (but are not limited to): Caron, Cygnet, Drops, West Yorkshire Spinners, Manos Del Uruguay. 

The contents of the mystery kit box will depend on the price selected. For example, if you spend at the upper limit, the contents are more likely going to be from the premium range of yarns or accessories. 

If the recipient prefers to use vegan yarns or has allergies to synthetic or animal fibres, please let us know. Email Hinna at to ensure that can accommodate.