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Dinosaur stich markers for knitting and crochet

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Resin dinosaur stitch markers for knitting and crochet. Handmade resin dinosaur stitch markers in red. They are perfect for every kind of knitting project. Use them to track rows, track stitches at cast on, isolate stitches, make short rows and much more. They are incredibly handy for sock knitting as they help with shaping the heel. 

They are also known as progress keepers, which are ideal for crochet. 

These dinosaurs come in a set of 4. They are hand cast in resin and measure approximately 1cm by 1.5cm. 

In the set of 4, you get: 

  • a Brontasaurus,
  • a Stegosaurus,
  • a Triceratops
  • a T rex. 

The fixed ring is 10mm so is brilliant for knitting with bigger needles and chunky yarns. 

The lobster clasp is wonderful for counting stitches, tracking rows, separating for sleeves on crochet projects and suitable for use with knitting needles up to 3.25mm wide. You can use the lobster clasp for knitting and crochet. 

Using these dinosaur stitch markers for knitting and crochet enables you to keep track easily. They are so adorable that they look more like knitting jewellery than functional progress keepers!

We believe that every knitter or crocheter should have at least one set of dno stitch markers in their acessory bag!