31 Days of Warmth Instagram Challenge

31 Days of Warmth Instagram Challenge

Doing anything in January? Why not head to Instagram and beat the post-Christmas blues with some inspiring daily prompts? 

31 days of winter instagram challenge

What is it? 

It's a daily Instagram challenge where we share something that relates to the prompt. Here is the list of prompts: 

How does this challenge work? 

The idea is that on a daily basis, you check the prompt for that day and post something on Instagram that is related to that prompt. For example, day 1 is about decorations. This could mean your Christmas decorations from the weeks before, the decorations you have knit, sewn or crocheted, or other people's decorations. Share what inspires you! 

You may not want to take part every day and that is absolutely fine. Just dip in and out when it suits you. Take the time to look at what other people have posted using the #31DaysOfWarmth hashtag and leave a nice comment or two! The idea is that we are creating warmth with our photos, comments, projects and discussions during the month of January. 

I want to see your projects, finished objects, WIPs, stash baskets, yarn purchases and favourite pieces that you wear! 

I do hope that this will be an inspiring month long event and see us through one of the bleakest months of the year. 

You can follow me on Instagram here, my handle is @GermanderCC. 

Tag me in your posts and I'll share in my stories! 


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