About Germander Cottage Crafts

My name is Hanna and I'm a 30 something mother of 2. I'm based in Liverpool where I run my craft and design business from home. I design knitting and crochet patterns, teach knitting and crochet online, make a few things and sell a lot of well loved craft supplies worldwide. 

I'm passionate about craft (surprise!), especially knitting and crochet. I do also sew, draw and paint. Knitting and crochet were always the most preferred ways of relaxing when I was a full time teacher. I taught English to 16-19 year olds and adults which could be quite stressful at times. I learned to do both knitting and crochet in 2014 and haven't looked back. I now use my experiences from my teaching career to teach these crafts.

My business is all about learning and enjoying your craft. I wanted to start something online that had more of a local craft shop feel to it with all of the benefits of online shopping and learning. There are many faceless warehouse-style online craft shops out there to buy from, but I felt people would rather support a small business who shares their interests and is easy to contact. 

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @GermanderCC where I share my creations. I'd love to see what you've been making!