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Crochet cardigans for beginners

Here I'll explain why beginners can crochet cardigans with ease. Learning to crochet garments is no more difficult than learning to crochet blankets, home decor or toys. 

Choose a crochet cardigan that uses stitches that are simple to remember. You'll be making a lot of them so try to stick to no more than 3 stitch repeats. The best crochet patterns for beginners use single crochet (UK double), half double crochet (UK half treble) and double crochet (UK treble) stitches. 

Cardigan patterns for crochet beginners: 

Easy crochet cardigan pattern for a beginner. Half double crochet sweater patterns

Take the Beyond cardigan (pictured above) for example: the ribbing is made with single crochet and the body and sleeves are made with half double crochet. As the stitches are simple, you can focus on making the garment and not having to worry about pattern repeats. Just keep track of the rows and you'll be able to make a garment. 

Simple cardigans for beginners. Starburst crochet cardigan pattern. Easy chunky crochet cardigan pattern for beginners

The Starburst cardigan is beginner friendly for another reason. This is the kind of cardigan pattern that is perfect for blanket and cushion enthusiasts. If you can make an attic24 blanket, you can make this cardigan. Often, crocheters don't realise that the skills used in making blankets are easily transferable to garments. The body of the cardigan is made with cluster stitches of double crochet- a common stitch found in even the most basic of granny squares. The edging is made using double crochet which is again, common in crochet blankets. 

Easy crochet cardigan for beginners. Breeze crochet cardigan. V stitch crochet tutorial.

The Breeze cardigan is another pattern that beginners will be able to attempt as it builds on the double crochet stitch. The V stitch is the main stitch that features in this cardigan and the most amazing part for beginners is that you don't need to count stitches because they are made into the chain space! Here is a video tutorial showing you how to make the V stitch: 

If you like the look of the V stitch, I recommend the Breeze crochet cardigan pattern for ease as well as enjoyment. 

The easiest cardigan for beginners

The summer lace crochet cardigan pattern is even less of a challenge as you simply work two rectangles and join them. The sleeves are made with a simple addition of some extra rounds and you're done. Again, I've designed this cardigan using stitches you could use for blankets. 

Summer crochet cardigan. Crochet kimono pattern for beginners.
If you'd prefer something small to practice your garment skills first, why not try the Lovechunk baby sweater? It works up quickly in aran weight yarn and makes a quick and easy baby gift. 
Easy crochet cardigans for beginners. Simple baby sweater crochet pattern for beginners. Quick baby crochet projects.
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