Everything you need to know about Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn. medium weight and worsted yarn crochet projects and patterns

Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn

Is Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn double knit or worsted? Here I'll explain the ins and outs of what Cygnet Boho is, where you can find it and what you can use it for. 

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This is a deep dive into the incredibly popular Boho Spirit yarn. I've used it on so many designs that I'd like to think I have some expertise here. I've used it for crochet as well as knitting for both personal projects and designs. This yarn really took Cygnet to the forefront of the big box yarns as it was a hit with the crocheters and knitters. 

1. What is Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn? 

The exceptionally popular Boho Spirit was initially introduced as a limited edition range. As its introduction to the market resulted in an unprecedented level of demand (yay), it soon soon became a permanent range.

It's a medium weight yarn meaning "worsted". Think of it as sitting in the middle of DK and Aran. You can see the yarn weight chart here to help you understand yarn weights: 

Yarn weight chart. What are the yarn categories for yarn weight. Crochet for beginners.
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A bit more about this popular, medium weight UK yarn. 

Boho Spirit is a fabulously soft, variegated roving yarn. Due to the loftiness of the yarn, it is incredibly soft and versatile and works well knitted or crocheted and results in a soft garment with a beautiful subtle sheen. 

In summary: 

  • Soft 
  • Variegated 
  • Lofty 
  • Versatile 
  • Subtle sheen

This is a 100% acrylic yarn. Some acrylic yarns are very coarse. Some are very plastic-y, others are thin and squeak on your plastic needles. There are very popular acrylic yarns out there that are far too shiny (Looking at you, Caron simply soft). This hits different. It's soft, it's sturdy but as it has that roving quality about it, it might be difficult to unpick or unravel your project. The stitches kind of meld together once they've been made. That's a real problem if you're not the type of person who swatches. 

If you do swatch, choose the right size tools and pay attention to your knitting or crochet project then this really is worth trying. I would absolutely not recommend it for the following as it has a fluffy halo: 

  • Toys.
  • Baby items. 
  • Pet bedding. 

The loose, fluffy fibres are absolutely not safe for babies or anything that could be put in a child or pets mouth. This is why I would not recommend Cygnet boho spirit for those things. 

It is however, perfect for garments, bags, blankets and accessories such as hats and scarves. 

Pictured: Cygnet boho spirit in Fantasy. 

2. What weight is Cygnet Boho Spirit? 

Although Cygnet Boho Spirit has been previously labelled as DK, it is actually thicker than standard DK and counts as a medium weight yarn. Cygnet themselves have recategorised Cygnet Boho Spirit as Worsted/Aran weight on their website. If you look at the ball band, the hook/needle size and gauge is actually better suited to worsted than it is to DK. You may also notice that ''DK' has been knocked off the title. 

I would always recommend swatching no matter what the label says. Cygnet boho spirit behaves happily with a 5mm crochet hook for me but I have loose crochet tension so please do experiment! It's not a yarn that is prone to becoming quite stiff and dense so you really can get some excellent drape on larger needles and hooks. 

3. What is roving yarn? 

Usually, a roving is a long and narrow bundle of fibre. Rovings are produced during the process of making spun yarn from wool fleece, raw cotton, or other fibres. Their main use is as fibre prepared for spinning, but they may also be used for specialised kinds of knitting or other textile arts.

Cygnet Boho is more of a roving-like yarn than roving itself, as it doesn't easily come apart when you are working with it. It has been spun and is single ply. There is enough twist in it to knit up and crochet beautifully. See here for stitch definition when used in v stitch crochet: 

Cygnet boho spirit yarn sapphire. Great yarns for crochet beginners.

It is important to know that it holds up well in crochet, as crochet involves a lot of handling of both the yarn and the fabric. 

What can I make with Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn? 

Here are some of our patterns using Cygnet boho spirit yarn. First is the jewel hat, available in two versions: a crochet hat or a knit/crochet hybrid. Below is the hybrid version, but you can browse both hat patterns by clicking here

Jewel hat in colourway Chic. 

There is also the Song of the sea snood which is a crochet snood. It's fun and quick to work up when facing any blizzard! You can see the pattern here. 

Cygnet boho spirit yarn and patterns. Easy crochet pattern medium weight yarn

The Breeze crochet cardigan pattern using Cygnet boho spirit yarn in Sapphire. 

The photographed sample shows the colourway Sapphire. Read more about it here. The Breeze cardigan will be available in 7 sizes from 32" to 56" and calls for fewer than 7 balls for the entire cardigan! I chose Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn for this design as it is really soft and hangs beautifully on garments. 

Breeze crochet V stitch cardigan for women

The Breeze crochet top is available as a vest or as a long sleeve pullover. It will also be available in 7 sizes from a 32" to 56". 

Cygnet Boho Tank top pattern womenV neck crochet sweater pattern for women

You can find Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn at Woolbox.com. 

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