Basket of yarns showing a selection of materials and fibres for knitting and crochet

Five fave fibres for autumn crochet and knitting

Five fave fibres for crochet and knitting this autumn.

Welcome to day 4 of Blogtober. I wanted to share with you my top five favourite fibres for autumn and winter knitting and crochet. 

As the days get a bit shorter and chillier, you may be looking for warmer fibres to work with. Whether you are looking for yarn to snuggle up with or help you brave the harsh outdoors, I've got you covered. 


1. Merino wool 

Range of hand dyed wool hanks

I know it's not the only wool out there but there's a reason why it is number 1 on most people's list for knitting and crochet: 

  • Softness- it has that "I can't believe it's wool factor" and gets along with most people's skin. Merino wool is great for wearing as underwear as well as inside slippers and in cosy cardigans, snoods and scarves. 
  • Washability- Please read the label here because not all merino is superwash. If it is, you get machine washable softness. If it's not, it is so easy to wash. Just hand wash it in some warm water with your favourite wool soak. As it's wool, you don't have to wash it all the time, either. 

2. Tweed aran 

Pictured: Keswick Aran tweed yarn in Heliotrope by Eden Cottage Yarns

Nothing screams autumn in the northern hemisphere like tweed. There's just something so autumnal about tweedy aran yarn especially if it is in an autumn colour! Use it for knit and crochet winter jumpers, jackets and hats. It looks amazing with some cabling or moss stitch, too. 

3. Cashmere 

Wrap this around your neck or treat your feet with some cashmere blend socks. They're luxurious and anything made using cashmere should be treated with ultimate care. 

Rico essentials Dk Cashmere recycled yarn

Pictured: Rico essential Cashmere Recycled DK in Ecru. Source: Laughing hens 

4. DK merino/nylon yarn. 

The best socks are the hand knitted chunky socks. However, I find that if you want to be able to wear them under your regular size boots and shoes, you should probably stop at DK. It also makes the best wellie socks! Keep your feet warm with this squishy fibre. 

Pictured: Cuff down DK sock pattern by Germander cottage crafts. 

5. Bluefaced leicester yarn 

Bluefaced leicester yarn is fantastic for knitting and crochet. It's not just strong but also has a lovely soft sheen to it. This is a staple in most stashes all year round, especially hand dyed! It is used for shawls, cowls, mitts and hats as well as socks. Try it with silk and you'll be in yarn heaven. 

Pictured: Luscious laceweight bfl/silk by Black Stag Yarn and Fibre. 

So there's my top 5 fibres for autumn and winter. What are yours? 

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I love merino, cashmere and yak. I’m working with mohair for the first time and enjoying the process but not the fact that it sheds everywhere. I can’t use alpaca as it doesn’t agree with me.

Tash Burrett

Anything Tweedy has my vote in autumn. And maybe a bit of alpaca for fabulous warm mitts

Louise Tilbrook

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