A beginner's guide to crochet

How to get started with crochet: A beginner's guide.

Here's some beginner patterns and guides to help you get started with crochet. 

Where do you start when you want to learn to crochet but you're a beginner? Here!

Something that comes up often is the question "where do I start with crochet?" and that depends on you, the individual. Some beginners are as bold as brass and practically say "hit me with it" , determined to conquer any challenge that arises, whereas others want small steps, simplicity and progress that they can record slowly and observantly. 

What type of crochet beginner are you? 

It's easy enough to work out based on what your appetite is and what you are working towards. If you can scroll through a few Youtube videos and think "I've got the hang of this" then good for you! The amount of content out there aimed at crochet beginners is pretty extreme. It can be very hard to navigate across really busy waters of the internet. Some of us can navigate without any particular help, while others need someone to steer the ship at first. 

If you want slow and steady, or find that you switch off easily, maybe written instructions are better suited for you. You can read them quietly, in your own time without the distraction of adverts, different accents or unfamiliar terms. You can then look at videos to support what you have already learned. 

I'm going to show you a range of beginner friendly patterns and guides that will help you to start your crochet journey. 

Starting small

Learning to crochet is a journey that will take weeks, months and years to get the hang of. Please don't let that put you off. Here are some small but satisfying projects for a crochet beginner. 

Crochet rainbow keyring kit. 

In this kit by One Creative Cat, you get the yarn and the pattern together. This takes the headache out of knowing which yarn to choose. You will need to provide your own 4mm crochet hook and a pair of scissors but other than that, this is a satisfying beginner project for you to try! You can find more about the kit here. 

Rainbow keyring crochet kit by One Creative Cat. Easy pattern

Crochet pot holder beginner pattern

Here's a pattern that allows you to practice one stitch and make a square shape. It's a free pattern from Sarah Maker and is really simple, functional and great to practice with. Use some cotton DK yarn as acrylic is not heat proof! Find the pattern here.  As you'll see from the pattern it recommends a cotton yarn. I recommend Cygnet 100% cotton DK which you can find here

Pattern for a double thickness crochet pot holder suitable for crochet beginners
The above patterns are perfect for beginners as they have step by step instructions and require only one basic crochet stitch. 

What are the basic crochet stitches? 

If you have trouble remembering the basic crochet stitches or don't even know where to start, here's my guide on the 6 basic stitches to get you started. It's a downloadable PDF that I wrote to compliment my Youtube tutorials. You can subscribe to the beginners playlist here. 

Here's an example of one of the tutorials. This is the single crochet stitch and is featured in most beginner patterns: 

Ready for something bigger? Here are some patterns for the more adventurous beginner. 

Below you'll find some crochet patterns that are great for refreshers as well as beginners. They also have supporting video tutorials provided within the pattern. 

Basic granny square beginner pattern 

Try this pattern if you want to learn how to read crochet patterns. This is a skill worth investing your time in as it will help you to understand a range of instructions. As you come across abbreviations you will also be able to tackle more challenging patterns! Click here to see the beginner granny square pattern. Every new crocheter should at least try the granny square! 

Close up of a multi colour granny square

Plastic free shower puff crochet pattern. 

This is a great beginner pattern for those who want to learn to crochet in the round. It's very similar to how you would crochet a granny square. It is also available as a kit with the cotton yarn and a printed pattern here. 

Cotton crochet bath puff pattern

Beginner friendly yarns 

I think as a beginner you can't go wrong with DK yarn or Worsted weight/Aran yarn and a 4 or 5mm hook. This is what you'll find at most craft classes or crochet workshops. All of the above patterns ask for yarn and hooks within this range. 

Obviously, I would love it if you bought your yarn from me, but you can use anything you want. It's great to see that you are considering crochet and I'll be glad if I can help. Remember about fibre types and purposes though and please, please, please don't make oven gloves, pot holders or tea towels out of acrylic as this is not heat proof. It will melt into the user's hands. Cotton is perfect for functional items such as the aforementioned but also for accessories such as bags and wash cloths. Save wool and acrylic for cowls, scarves, garments and toys. 

Happy hooking

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Ah. This is such a great resource. I’ve always been tempted to start. You’ve inspired me.


Really well writtten, Hanna.
If I had the time, I’d be definitely crocheting everything!!!


Really well writtten, Hanna.
If I had the time, I’d be definitely crocheting everything!!!


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