How to make beautiful pom poms. Perfect pom pom knitting tutorial. How to make a really good pom pom for hats.

How to make a beautiful pom pom

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In this post I'm going to show you how I make perfectly round, full pom poms for hats and other craft projects. Pom poms can be notorious for falling apart or falling off after a few wears but I'm going to show you how I make them tightly, securely and in a way that ensures they're full and easy to attach. 

First, let's talk about what you will need and why. 

Do I need a good pom pom maker? 

This is entirely subjective as I believe the technique is more important than the kit you use but saying that, using a great pom pom maker will help. I'm using a Knitpro pom pom maker for this tutorial. You can use two pieces of card if you would prefer but this method I have used here is the best way for me. I've made several pom poms over the years and I keep coming back to the pom pom maker because: 

1. It's accessible. 

2. I don't need to find new cardboard each time I want a pom pom. 

3. It's ready to use every time you need it. 

Here's my favourite pom pom maker, the Knitpro (known as knitters pride in the US) maker. Click here to shop for the pom pom makers that I used. 

Knitpro pom pom maker. Make pompoms easily

Pom poms are always shown as very fluffy, poofy additions to handmade hats. I'm going to show you how to make the best pom pom you can. 

Here's what you actually need to make a great pom pom: 

1. A pom pom maker. You can use any pom pom maker. Just choose something that you find easy to use. 

2. Sharp, sharp scissors. The best scissors for this job are fabric scissors. I used Fiskars scissors which can be found here

3. A darning needle. 

4. At least 25g of good quality yarn. 

Why is yarn important?

How the yarn has been plied  (how many strands were twisted to make the yarn) will matter when it comes to making pom poms. For example, a 2ply yarn (as in, plied twice, not 2ply weight) will tend to be looser with a roving texture. This doesn't make for good pom pom yarn as it can come apart when you are pulling tightly and wrapping it around the pom pom maker. 

The higher the ply, the stronger the yarn. 

For this tutorial I am using 50g of 4ply yarn. It's a merino yarn with 25% nylon and it is known as a good all rounder and is plied to ensure that it does not easily break when it meets some tension. 

The best pom poms you will ever make. Easy pom pom tutorial for beginners

You need really strong yarn as you want something that can be pulled tightly without breaking. The fabric scissors will handle them when you come to cut your pom pom.

Step 1: Open up your pom pom maker.  


Learn how to make beautiful pompoms

Step 2: Using your thumb to hold the tail end of the yarn in place, start winding back and forth until the arm is covered. 

How to use a pompom maker

Step 3: Wind the yarn until the hard edges of the maker are softened. At least 1mm of yarn thickness required. 

Step 4: Open up the other pair of arms and start wrapping yarn around them. 
Step 5: Cover the second pair of arms in the same way. 
Top tips for making amazing pom poms
Step 6: When you're happy with the thickness of the yarn wrap, it's time to cut. 
Step 7: Take your fabric scissors and cut, making sure that your scissors are placed in the groove of the maker. Cut all edges, making sure there are no uncut threads. 
How to make pompoms with the knitpro pompom maker. Easy pom pom maker tool
Step 8: Cut about 30cm (12in) of yarn. Tie it around the pom pom. Come around and tie the other side too and then finish with another tie and a knot. Make sure that you have tied the pom pom as tightly as you can. 
Knitters pride pom pom maker for easy pom poms.
How to secure pom poms to stop them from falling apart.
Tie your pom poms tightly
Step 9: Release the pom pom and trim to size. Your pom pom should feel full, tightly secured and heavy. 
Make a perfect pom pom with a maker and yarn
How to make a full, neat, beautiful pom pom

If you want to know how to securely attach your pom pom to a hat, you can see the full video tutorial here: 

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