Sock knitting on two straight needles

Sock knitting on two straight needles

Wondering how to knit socks on straight needles? Try this two needle flat sock pattern. You can have all the glamour of 4ply socks without the worry of extra needles.  

Despite there being thousands of socks knit in the round. there is still strong demand for the flat knit sock pattern. This method is perfect for those of us who prefer knitting with two straight needles but want to try socks. 

When I proposed the idea of designing one last spring, it was met with some scepticism. Why would anyone want to knit flat when you can knit with socks in the round? Where will the seam go? Will it be comfortable? It will be too much hassle with a toe seam, a heel seam or a side seam. 

I managed to solve all of these potential issues. It is now my bestseller. There is good reason for it; not everybody wants to knit in the round. As a designer, I have always believed that design should solve problems as well as appeal to needs. If you prefer two sticks to four sticks, that's absolutely fine. In fact, I am so happy with offering choice that I am working on my first two needle sock knitting ebook this year. 

Flat knit sock knitting pattern

Every now and then I see enquiries pop up in Facebook knitting groups along the lines of 'where can I find a 2 needle sock pattern?'. 

Here! You can find one here!

What's so special about my best selling flat knit sock pattern? A few things! 

  • They are made using 4ply sock yarn. 
  • They are cuff down. 
  • They are worked flat the whole way- even the heel. 
  • There is no heel seam to put on a stitch holder. 
  • There is no toe seam to put on a stitch holder. 
  • There is no side seam either. 

What? How does this even work? 

You knit from the cuff to the heel, increase for the heel, work some short rows (don't be scared, it's easier than it seems), knit to the toe, do some more decreases, and seam up the front. 

The true difficulty depends on your seaming skills to be honest. If you choose a solid colour, you can hide the seam easier than striped, but that shouldn't matter. It's a sock. It will be worn under trousers and shoes. Also, in my experience people don't tend to inspect my knitwear. 

Need help choosing sock yarns? I have a few in my yarn section. If you would prefer me to take all of the hassle out of it for you, then I do wholeheartedly recommend the flat knit sock kit   as it comes with needles, stitch markers, yarn and a little project bag to keep it all in. 

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