Stash Blanket Crochet along

Stash Blanket Crochet along

Stash blanket crochet along 2022

I hope you can join me for the stash blanket crochet along this winter. CAL means 'crochet along'. 

Here is everything you need to know about the CAL: 

  • We start stash diving in September. Choose your fibres and colours and fill in any gaps you may have. 
  • From October to January, work on your blanket. 1 or 2 squares a week would be enough to create something substantial. They can be any size!
  • I'll show you some tips and tricks on my Youtube channel, so it is a great time to work on your crochet skills if you're a beginner, 
  • Enter photographs of your final blanket by 31st January 2023 using the hashtag #StashBlanketCAL22 and I'll enter you into a prize draw to win a gift voucher! 

Sound like something you'd be interested in? 

We will keep in touch on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #StashBlanketCAL You can also leave a comment on my Youtube videos to start the conversation! 

I really hope to see you on the CAL! 

 What I'm using 

I'm using my stash of aran weight yarns. Even if you are faced with colours you may not have chosen to go together, you can try and make them work. 

For example, I am omitting colours that look too similar. I certainly won't be using them right next to each other. What I might do though is use them spaced out e.g. a centre round and a border. 

I like working with contrasts and breaking them up where I can. For example, I am using both pink and blue in my blanket, but there will be enough distance created between them with greys, yellows and ivory. 

You may feel the darkest of your colours go well as a border or an outline. You may want your neutrals to act as more of a border. The point of this CAL is to get creative with your stash. 

In this video I talk about my colour options and how I'm going to work with them.

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