What's the best yarn to use as a crochet beginner? Why stylecraft special DK is the best yarn for beginners.

The best yarns for a crochet beginner?

Hey, I heard you're just learning to crochet and want the lowdown on what the best yarns are in the business? I'll talk you through some popular yarns and price points. 

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What yarn weight is best for beginners to use? 

That really depends on what you're making, what hook size you have and how quickly you want your first projects to progress. 

The most popular yarn for beginners is a worsted or aran weight yarn. This is also described as medium yarn. Aran weight is great because it's not too thick and it works up quickly. If you're making granny squares, you may find aran weight yarn a lot quicker to work with than DK for example. 

Here's a handy yarn weights chart below. 

I recommend Stylecraft special Aran and here's why it's great for beginners. 

Aran yarn is a medium weight yarn and makes excellent cosy blankets and warm wearable garments. Like the other weights in the Stylecraft special range, it is soft, washable at 40 degrees and versatile. It's a 100% acrylic yarn. This is one of the only 100% acrylic yarns that I have found which does not make that awful squeaking sound if you are learning with plastic knitting needles. 

Stylecraft special aran yarn.

Not sure how it will work up? Here's some Stylecraft Special Aran as used by one of my pattern testers, Sue. 

This is a knitting pattern but you can see how the yarn holds up well in a detailed, textured pattern. This would be exactly the same for crochet. 

I'll also talk you through Stylecraft Special DK (pictured in some spring pastels but there are many, many more colours available). 

Why is Stylecraft special dk so popular? 

  • It's budget friendly. 
  • It's recommended by some of the biggest crochet blogs (look at Attic24 for example). 
  • It comes in every colour imaginable. 
  • It's 100% premium acrylic. 
  • It's soft and wearable. 
  • Great for babies. 
  • Ideal for blankets. 

This is a classic and I couldn't go through an entire article about yarn without mentioning the titan that is Stylecraft Special DK. I fondly remember trying this yarn when I was a beginner in 2014. There are so many colours to choose from so it does help to have a rough idea of what you'll be making. No one wants to waste time agonising over colours. 

Stylecraft special DK is a double knit weight yarn. This means it is twice the thickness of sock weight yarn but it's so versatile and you'll find it featuring on many blanket, granny square, kids clothing and accessory patterns. It's around £2.30 per ball, you get 100g per ball and you can machine was it at 40 degrees. It's an all rounder and is the most popular yarn for crochet blankets, hands down. 

You can buy Stylecraft special DK and support a UK independent business by clicking this link here. 

"We're gonna need a bigger hook." Here's why Stylecraft Special Chunky is an excellent beginner yarn, too. 

Stylecraft special chunky is just as soft and versatile as it's slimmer counterparts, but you'll get more done in less time with chunky yarn. 

The chunky version of this yarn is also available here in a wide range of colours and is excellent for crochet blankets and bulky items such as the Starburst crochet cardigan below: 

Crochet cardigan in chunky yarn. Stylecraft special chunky pattern

 This pattern is available on my website or Ravelry. Here's the link to the product page or you can save this pin for later on Pinterest: 

Starburst chunky crochet cardigan pattern. Easy crochet for beginners.

Making a blanket? At the moment you can save 5% when you buy 10 balls or more. Click here to get the discount. 

Why Stylecraft? 

In summary, here's why I recommend this range of yarns for crochet beginners: 

  • Can be machine washed at 40 degrees making it excellent for a range of everyday items. 
  • Does not pill. This is really important for crochet in particular as you handlle more of the yarn. 
  • Available in a range of colours that will suit everyone's tastes. Compared to other ranges, you really can get every colour imaginable. 
  • Soft and silky texture makes it great for baby blankets and clothes. 
  • Doesn't sag and stretch when wet. Because it's premium acrylic, it dries quickly. Always dry flat though, just in case. 

At the moment, you can get free delivery from Woolbox.com on any orders over £30. 

Seasonal offer: 8% off yarns under £2.50. 

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