What I'm working on this March: Projects, designs and exciting knit and crochet news.

What I'm working on this March: Projects, designs and exciting knit and crochet news.

Over on Youtube and Instagram I launched episode 1 of what will hopefully be a monthly blog update summarising what's going on in Germander Cottage Crafts and beyond. This blog post touches on the kind of things I have been talking about and what's happening this month. 

The Delamere collection is available now. 

If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media you will know that my most recent design, Delamere, was launched on Friday 17th March! This is a hat, cowl and fingerless gloves pattern using DK yarn. I was so excited to bring this to you as it's quite a rhythmic, rewarding pattern. The slipped stitches create the butterfly shapes travelling upwards on all three pieces. 

Slip stitch knitted hat. Cowl pattern and fingerless gloves.

I collaborated with Eden Cottage Yarns to design this collection and had the chance to use MIlburn DK! It's a Bluefaced Leicester and silk blend from Eden Cottage Yarns and it comes in a gorgeous palette of colours. It was really difficult not to pick a few colours but I was definitely designing with a single coloured set in mind, so I chose catmint. 

Milburn DK in Catmint. Bluefaced leicester and silk blend yarn.

You can read more about the pattern here. 

Little Grey Girl Yarn 

I have also been working with The Little Grey Girl yarn this year! Thanks to the Knit365 make along project, I became familiar with this yarn business for the first time towards the end of last year. Gemma is the brains behind the business and worked together with Martyn (Knit365) to launch an exclusive colourway for the Knit365 CAL/KAL which starts this Friday! 

If you have seen any of the Knit365 videos so far, you'll know that this was a 4 person collaboration. Louise Tilbrook designed the knit shawl 'Do Not Disturb', I designed the crochet shawl 'Disturbia', Martyn and Gemma worked on the design of the yarn and Maertyn has organised and led the project! 

Do Not Disturb by Louise Tilbrook

Do not disturb shawl by Louise Tilbrook
Louise's pattern is available here.

Disturbia by Hanna Gough

Skinny crochet shawl pattern. Disturbia shawl by Hanna Gough. Little Grey Girl Yarn
You can find the Disturbia crochet pattern here 
I have seen already that some crocheters have finished their Disturbia shawls! Are you thinking of doing both versions during the make along? I think a few of us will be! 

New colourway: Alwyne 

For the original design we used the colourway 'Disturbia' which was dyed on 425m of bio sock 4ply yarn. It's very soft and works up well in both patterns! That was a limited edition yarn just for the make along so Gemma is keen to show us all of the other colours that we could use! Below is a sock set that she put together for me to make a new sample. The main colour is Alwyne- isn't it pretty? I love the tutti frutti vibes. Gemma also included a mini skein for the shell edging as this yarn doesn't spread as far as the limited edition sock yarn did. It's going to look amazing. 
Little Grey Girl sock yarn. Alwyne
What colour will you be using for the shawl? 
Little grey girl yarns sock yarn. Alwyne

Speaking of Alwyne... 

Below is the shot of my latest crochet cowl design. I had to try Alwyne on a DK merino/nylon base, too! This yarn was going to be used for a sock design but as I was sat there ready to start designing, it was snowing like mad outside. I thought at that moment that the weather was trying to tell me something. It was a good day to start a cowl. 
This took an evening to do. It was lots of fun and I added some cluster stitches to break it up and create texture. 

Little Grey Girl Yarns. Cosy crochet cow,l pattern by Hanna Gough

I've named the cowl Sno' Big Deal because if you have unpredictable weather like we do here in the UK, it will come in handy. One day you think spring is blooming and the next, everything is covered in snow. You''ll never be caught out with this quick make. 

The pattern will be out soon. Keep your eyes peeled for April! 

Flock socks 

Last but not least is my latest sock design. As with all of my sock patterns I have used a square, integrated heel. I love this heel so much as it's easily customisable and compact. After some short row shaping, you're ready to move on to the foot. 

These socks resemble a 'flock' of birds and I created that look with some slipped stitches. It's another easy rhythmic design for some luxury hand knit socks. This pattern will also be out next month. The yarn is Oakworth DK by Eden Cottage Yarns and featured in their Christmas mystery box! Victoria dyes Oakworth all year round though so don't worry about missing out on this gorgeous yarn. 

Flock sock pattern by Hanna Gough


Are you joining the Knit365 makealong on Friday? It would be the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to master their knitting or crochet shawl skills. We'd love to see you there! 



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