This month I'll be doing my best to take part in YARNovember, an Instagram event hosted by The Pigeons Nest and the Yarn Whisperer. It's a great prompt to either share or look for inspiration and you meet lots of like-minded crafters on the way.

No one will hunt you down if you miss a day or two, so just tap in when you can.  

I really like taking part in this event as when you use social media all the time for your work, you can run out of juice sometimes. It really helps having a daily prompt too. 

I'll be talking about my designs, my yarns and other things that inspire me! 

Some of the prompts will be a bit tricky but I love a challenge!

I've just completed Blogtober, a month long challenge of blogging every day, so I needed something to keep me on the straight and narrow for November. 

This is celebrating all things yarn related so whether you're a dyer, designer, yarn stockist, maker or learner, you'd be more than welcome regardless of chosen yarn craft. 

Today's prompt was "Hello" so I introduced myself over on Instagram. Do you follow me on there? Come and say hi if you do. You can find me at GermanderCC


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