beginner granny square blanket

The beginner granny square blanket CAL

You may have seen on social media that I am proposing a beginner granny square blanket CAL. Here you will find all of the information. 

What is a CAL? 

A CAL is a Crochet-Along. Think of it as a large scale group project where several people are making the same thing, sharing pictures of it and chatting about it online. I will be releasing updates on my Youtube channel, IG, FB and Twitter! Only CAL subscribers will have access to the Youtube content through a private link. It is not available for public viewing.  

You can join my FB makers group via this link You will have to answer a few questions before you are allowed to join the Facebook group. This is just for safety and to ensure that we don't have bots/trolls spamming us. 

Is it suitable for beginners? 

Yes! I have prepared this project with beginners in mind. I do teach online 1:1 lessons, but for several reasons, people may not be able to sign up to them. This is a way of me teaching you but in small, manageable bites. I will explain absolutely everything. 

If this isn't your first time with a crochet hook, you are still welcome. I will label the videos so that you can skip past those that do not feel relevant. 

Why is this CAL different? 

I will be teaching you to crochet whilst we work on a blanket. This CAL is ideal for beginners who just want to learn something new. I will be teaching you how to do the stitches featured in the blanket and I will reveal a series of small tutorial videos each week to show you how to do each part of the project. We will cover everything from making chains, making crochet stitches, colour changes, making a decrease, fastening off, joining squares, weaving in ends and creating a border. As you work through this, you will also be learning how to read a pattern. 

Left handed? I will be doing left handed videos as well as right handed. 

When you download the CAL pattern, you will receive an exclusive discount on any of my DK yarns. I will be using Cygnet Pure Wool Superwash DK, but I do have a cotton alternative if you prefer to work in a wool free zone. 

When does the CAL start? 

We officially start on Friday 7th January. The yarn and the pattern will be available from Monday 29th November, giving you plenty of time to prepare if you are outside of the UK. The cut off for ordering yarn is Wednesday 16th December as I will be closing my shop for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. The pattern will be available throughout this period as it is digital. Please ensure that you have left your email address when you checkout so that I can send video links to you.

The pattern will also contain your shopping list of things you need to have by the time we start. You will know exactly how much of everything you will need. 

I currently have no idea how many people will want the yarn so if numbers are high, there may be a few days between ordering and shipping. International orders will be shipped with RM Tracked, which currently estimates 7-10 business days, but with the Holiday season, it could be 14 working days. 

When does the CAL end? 

That all depends on you, but I aim to finish the instalments after 6 weeks. Feel free to post on social media as often as you want to after that! This is about learning, so please don't feel that it is a race. 

How do I sign up? 

You just have to purchase the pattern which will be available on Monday 29th November. To ensure that you don't miss the launch, please subscribe to my newsletter on the website. There is a sign up box at the bottom of the page. 


Note: This CAL has now ended but you can find the beginner granny square blanket pattern by clicking here. 

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