2 needle flat knit socks

Give knitters what they ask for

Give knitters what they ask for, not what you think they should be happy with instead. 

Knitting a sock flat

Pictured: Flat knit socks pattern by Hanna Gough. 

It started with an unsuccessful call for good sock patterns. 

It was socks that made me think about those who like socks but don't want to knit in the round. I was in a Facebook knitting group (possibly a sock group?) a few years ago and every now and then a request would come in for 'good flat knit socks'. The amount of comments saying things like "You'll be fine with DPNs- you're still only knitting with two needles at a time!" or "Try Winwick Mum's free sock pattern. It's so easy you'll be able to do it" None of these comments were helpful because: 

  • The knitter had asked a question and it was not being answered. 
  • The knitter specifically wanted flat knitted socks. It was not about fear of DPNs or difficulty of patterns. This knitter just wanted to knit flat and her needs weren't met. 
  • Someone only wanting to use a certain method ie flat knitting, is not necessarily indicative of them being a beginner or 'scared'. Sometimes we just want what we want or stick to what we enjoy. There's nothing wrong with that. 

I think we forget that we are doing what we like to do and yes, we want others to share the joy of that, but let's not force it. Flat knitters know perfectly well that there are plenty of Youtube tutorials and books that will help them to knit in the round. It's not about that. It's about just being aware that they too, want to knit in a way that they are happy with. Strongly insisting that they try things your way, or making them feel silly or outdated could alienate them from the wider knitting community and we don't want that, do we? 

Give knitters what they ask for, not what you think they should be happy with instead. 

If you are ever on #knittingtwitter, in a Facebook knitting group or at a craft meet, try to be helpful and give knitters what they ask for. If you can't answer, don't answer. You wouldn't tell someone who is looking for Romance recommendations to try Sci fi, would you? Please don't do it to knitters. 


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Seen this done so many times! I’ve got a close knitter friend as well who prefers knitting flat and she will convert almost every tube to have a seam somewhere just so it’s more convenient for her to knit.

And why wouldn’t she? Just let people be and let them decide for themselves. Apparently it’s something a lot of people have difficulties with. Thanks for sharing this, I stumbled across it on Twitter! 💌


Love this! ❤️


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