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Handmade Knitting & Crochet Stitch Markers

Discover high-quality handmade stitch markers for knitting and crochet. Our UK knit markers come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any project. Shop now and find the perfect addition to your crafting tools!


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Whether you are using them for BOR, counting, marking or saving your progress, stitch markers are a worthwhile accessory. 

  • What they're used for 
  • How many you need 
  • Why we use them
  • Tips and tricks for using stitch markers 

Of all the tools in my knitting bag, stitch markers are the smallest, but they’re the ones used most often. I use (and lose) stitch markers all the time and there are hundreds at the bottom of my knitting needle bag and project bags. You can get by without stitch markers if you are committed to working on the one project and memorising numbers, but if you're like most makers, you'll find them incredibly helpful. 

What is a stitch marker? 

A stitch marker is a fixed or removable ringed piece that you attach directly to needles or stitches. Some stitch markers look similar to safety pins while others look like pieces of jewellery. Stitch markers are used as a landmark in your project. Use them to keep count of rows, track seams, mark armholes and much more. 

Stitch marker with fixed ring

You will see in knitting and crochet patterns where it calls for a stitch marker or progress keeper. If you are knitting a lace design, stitch markers can help you to keep track of knitting repeats. If you are casting on a lot of stitches at once, use stitch markers to mark every 10 stitches for example. That way, when you count your first row, you can just count how many markers there are and multiply by 10. 

How many stitch markers do I need? 

Most knitters have at least 20 stitch markers for their various knitting projects. I would say that crochet projects require fewer stitch markers, but they are still essential supplies. It is more common for crochet projects to use removable titch markers such as bulb pins and lobster clasps, as they can be attached directly onto the stitch. 

With knitting, it is more common for knitters to use fixed ring stitch markers, or to slip lobster clasp loops on to small needles for sock knitting, for example. 

It makes sense to have different styles or colours of stitch markers if you're knitting in the round, as you want your BOR (beginning of round) marker to be different to the other markers. 

Our handmade stitch marker designs include: 

  • Dinosaur stitch markers 
  • Gummy bear stitch markers 
  • Goldfish stitch markers 
  • Dragon stitch markers 

Stitch markers and progress keepers for knitting and crochet can be found below. We have cute stitch markers, pretty stitch markers and everything in between. All of our stitch markers are handmade.  Check out limited edition handmade and our classics too. Stitch markers make excellent gifts for knitters and crocheters, so we like to make sure we offer a wide range to suit every style.