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Addi Aluminium grip handle crochet hook

Addi Aluminium grip handle crochet hook


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Try these for comfort! I can personally recommend grip handle crochet hooks as I tend to hold my hooks really tightly. 

These however are a game changer. 

  • They enable you to crochet for a lot longer before you need to stretch out your hands... at least this is the case with my experience! The aluminium is incredibly lightweight, as is the plastic handle. 
  • The hook is so smooth that you will be able to use even the most delicate yarn and not have to worry about snags. 
  • The grip handle crochet hooks make lace crochet a breeze as well as bulky blankets and garments. Crochet in comfort or hours. 
  • They are 15cm (6 inches) long so a generous length and a more comfortable hold. Available in a range of sizes and the handles are different colours. Find them easily in your crochet hook stack! 

Whether you hold your hook like a pencil or a fork, these are well worth trying. 

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