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Add bamboo double pointed knitting needles

Add bamboo double pointed knitting needles


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Addi bamboo double pointed knitting needles.  

What are they? 

This is a listing for Addi bamboo double pointed knitting needles. They are 15cm long and they are made of lightweight, sustainably sourced bamboo. If you are looking to try wood needles, try these! Wood needs are growing in popularity for their unique qualities. .

Why choose bamboo? 

Firstly, we love bamboo for several reasons, however, we won't go into them all here! We'll just tell you the important stuff. Firstly, Addi's bamboo is sustainably sourced. It is also lightweight, flexible and warmer to the touch than plastic or metal DPNs. As knitting requires fine motor skills, we would like you to be able to keep your hands moving.  

Why are these so special? 

Secondly, these double pointed knitting needles are finished with long lasting Carnauba wax coating. Carnauba wax is known as the 'Queen of wax' as it is only found in certain parts of Brazil, comes from the Carnauba palm.

Thirdly, because of its hypoallergenic and emollient properties, it is safe to use on the hands. It creates a smooth and strong finish for effortless knitting. As bamboo is naturally warm to the touch, it is great for hands that are senstitive to the cold temperatures. The carnaua wax coats the bamboo, seals it and prevents it from splitting and splintering. 

What can I knit with them? 

Moreover, Addi Bamboo double pointed needles (DPN). Great for knitting in the round for several projects including socks, sleeves, mittens, double knitting, hats and toys. 

About Addi

Furthermore, Addi are renowned for their quality knitting and crochet accessories and they pride themselves on making knitting and crochet more enjoyable for the crafter. Their slogan translates to 'Luxury for your hands'. 

To recap:

  • A set of 5
  •  Each needle is 15cm long. 
  • They are available in a range of sizes 
  • They are finished with Carnauba wax for smoothness and dexterity. 
  • Made from sustainable materials. 
  • Incredibly lightweight. 
  • Perfect for knitting with a small circumference 
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