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AddiDuett Crochet hook

AddiDuett Crochet hook


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AddiDuett Crochet hook. 

This is the listing information for the addiDuettaluminium crochet hook with an adonized finish and knitting needle pointed tip at the end. 

AddiDuett is a combination crochet hook and needle

  • 15cm/6 inches long.
  • Stitches can be picked up with ease using the crochet hook end of the addiDuett and then knit directly into your project by sliding the stitches to the needle tip end!
  • It makes picking up dropped stitches and repairing knitting in general so easy!
  • Colour coded for each size. 
  • Smooth adonised finish. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Available in sizes 2mm to 6mm. 

Sizes are colour coded: 

  1. Red 2.00 mm US 0 
  2. Gold 2.50 mm US B/US 1
  3. Pale gold 3.00 mm US C/US 2
  4. Grellow 3.50 mm US E/US 4
  5. Green 4.00 mm US F/US 6
  6. Light blue 4.50 US 7
  7. Blue 5,00mm US 8/H
  8. Lilac 5.5mm US 9/I
  9. Purple 6mm US 10/J 

You have to try these. The Addiduett is a metal crochet hook with a pointed tip. It's an unusual design, but it is so handy as a result. Each hook is colour coded for ease of use and organisation. Popular among European crocheters, Addi hooks are a trusted brand of crochet hook and are renowned for their sleek engineering and quality of materials. 

The duett is a vibrant coloured crochet hook.  It has a smooth anodized finish and a practical slim tip at the end.

With this additional function stitches can be picked up with the crochet hook and knitted directly with the knitting needle tip. Cool or what? 

The hooks are available in standard 15cm length. 

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