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Butterfly stitch markers for knitting

Butterfly stitch markers for knitting


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Butterfly stitch marker for knitting. With an open and close bulb pin, it can also be used for crochet. 

Treat yourself to butterfly stitch markers for knitting or crochet. They are sold as a set of 2. Accessorise your projects with colourful, helpful enamel butterflies. Firstly, each butterfly is metal backed and is lightweight. Secondly, they make a perfect gift for a knitter or a crochet enthusiast or a little knitting related treat for yourself. Read on to find out what you can do with them! 

How does this butterfly marker work? 

With a bulb pin fastening, this stitch marker has two options:

  1. Slide in to needles up to 3.5mm thick.
  2. Apply directly to stitches for crochet or knitting.

Ways that you can use it for knitting and crochet: 

  • Apply directly to stitches, for example, when making an afterthought heel. 
  • Mark the beginning of a round. 
  • Mark the armhole of a crochet or knit project. 
  • Use them to count the amount of stitches in a cast on. 
  • Use them to keep track of rows in your most laborious project. 
  • Keep track of where you are up to in your crochet project, by leaving the live stitch on the clasp. 
  • Use this marker to secure a stitch whilst making amugurumi. 

There are many more ways of using this stitch marker

Make your spring and summer knitting projects extra special with these butterfly stitch markers. This vibrant blue butterfly would make a great BOR (beginning of round) marker for sock knitting or other circular knitting projects. 

These markers are adorable. Each butterfly is 2cm tall and 1.5cm wide. They are attached to a 10mm ring or a bulb pin so are suitable for knitting with needles up to 7mm thick. They make a lovely gift for a knitter or crocheter in your life. This listing shows 2 per order. 

Shipped with Royal Mail large letter both UK and international. 

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