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Double pointed knitting needles

Double pointed knitting needles


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Addi aluminium double pointed needles (DPN) are great for knitting in the round for several projects including socks, sleeves, mittens, double knitting, hats and toys and so much more. 

What are they used for? 

The 4mm are modelled using dk weight yarn to make a toddler sized hat. Choose from several sizes to suit your project. hey are 20cm long and mae of coted aluminium. 

A bit about Addi

Addi are renowned for their quality knitting and crochet accessories and they pride themselves on making knitting and crochet more enjoyable for the crafter. Their slogan translates to 'Luxury for your hands'. These needles come in a set of 5 and can be used with or without the fifth needle depending on your preference.

What we think

We think you can't beat Addi for quality on all of their products. We especially love their aluminium double pointed needles for practicality and comfort. We love their range of budget friendly DPNs. 


  • 20cm long. 
  • Doble pointed knitting needles. 
  • Lightweight material. 
  • Available in a range of sizes. 
  • Made of aluminum 
  • Manufactured by Addi


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