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Goldfish Stitch Markers

Goldfish Stitch Markers


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Introducing the Goldfish Stitch Markers: the perfect way to keep track of your knitting or crochet progress! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter or crocheter, these exquisite progress keepers will effortlessly and stylishly help you to keep track of your stitches and keep your project on track.

This eye-catching set of two, four or six markers come with a lobster clasp fastening for 3.5mm needles or fixed ring fastenings for 7mm knitting needles and can be used to directly mark stitches. With their charming, small goldfish design and sturdy design, you can be sure that these markers won't slide, snag or come apart as you work.

Let these cute markers take the worry out of counting your stitches and make your crochet-work easier and more enjoyable. Whether it’s a baby blanket, a scarf or an intricate amigurumi, these markers will keep your project organized and neat, saving you time and frustration.

So don’t delay; grab a set of Goldfish Stitch Markers now and enjoy the luxury of effortlessly keeping track of your crochet stitches.
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