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Gummy bear stitch markers

Gummy bear stitch markers


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Pick n mix gummy bear stitch markers for knitting. 

These gummy bear stitch markers are lovingly handmade in the UK for knitters and crocheters BY a knitter and crocheter. They are also referred to as progress keepers.  I only use materials that I would use myself when it comes to making adorable gummy bear progress keepers.

NEW: 15mm fixed ring for knitting with needles up to 12mm thick. 

These cute pick n mix bears are made of acrylic and fixed with a metal fastening. The bright colours ae easy to colour code or use as a set. 

These gummy bear stitch markers are sold individually or as a set of nine. Choose your colours from the drop down. They are available with a 10mm fixed ring fastening or a lobster clasp fastening. 

What's the difference between the markers?

The 10mm ring is perfect for knitting with needles up to 7mm thick. Use them for increases and decreases, knitting in the round or when knitting intricate stitch patterns flat. 

The lobster clasp is great for attaching directly to stitches in crochet and knitting. You can also slip it onto needles that are smaller than 3.75mm. 

Choose from 

  • Turquoise 
  • Red
  • Burnt orange 
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Apple green 

 Or, take the mixed set of 9. These progress keepers make great gifts for yarn enthuasiasts and are incredibly handy for a range of projects. Unfortunately, you cannot eat these gummy bear stitch markers. We would advise using them stictly for knitting and crochet.

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