Halloween inspired cushion covers you have to crochet

Halloween inspired cushion covers you have to crochet

It's the spooky season and I'm feeling inspired by all of the Halloween projects I could be getting on with. 

Of course, I'm actually painfully busy and might not get to do any of them but there's no reason why we can't all have a look together, is there? Each one of these caught my eye for different reasons. Trust me, there were a lot more that I could have shared with you but these are the top 5! 

Each of these patterns uses single crochet (UK double) and is a perfect opportunity to play around with crochet colourwork. Let me know which is your favourite!

1. Vampire bat sofa cushion 

Halloween cushion cover. Vampire bat cushion
This one is fangtastig (sorry) as the black motifs are attached after making the straightforward square shape of the cushion. This pattern is by Angelika Liusinska and is available on Lovecrafts. 

2. Pillow skull I see you 

This pattern is as scary as it is clever. The mouth of the skull is brilliant and looks to be made using triple trebles (double treble). Get your black and white yarn out and have a go at crochet colourwork. 
Crochet skull cushion
This pattern is by Marika Uustare and is available here. 

3. Cat Pillow crochet pattern 

If you'd rather keep it cute this Halloween here's a gorgeous cat pillow. Look at that nose! 

The pattern is from Annemarie Benthem and is available on Lovecrafts. 

4. Pumpkin cushion cover 

Love anything that screams "spooky pumpkin"? This cushion cover may be just what you need in your life this October. The pattern is by Loops and Crosses and is available here. 

Pumpkin halloween cushion cover

5. Spooky and cute ghost pillow

I love that the face is different on each side of the cushion! This pattern is by Krystal Schnapp and is available here. 
cute ghost cushion cover
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