The jewel Hat has had an update

The jewel Hat has had an update

The Jewel hat (crochet version) has had an update. I'm really excited to share it with you. 

If you follow me on social media you will probably know that I have been working on the crochet version of the Jewel hat (crochet version). It was released about a year ago and although it has enjoyed some popularity, I was never truly happy with the finished result. 

This post is about the 100% crochet version, not the knit brim version. 

I felt I had to stick with what I'd done because it was as good as it was going to be. I've recently realised that it does not have to stay the way it was. I took it off the virtual shelf and gave it some review. 

The changes include the height of the rib stitches and the decreases for the crown. I also scrapped the children's sizes as they just didn't work well with the pattern in my opinion. 

I think the newer version is a bit more streamline in its construction. I've switched to a Hdc rib as I prefer the shorter, denser stitches. I felt that the DK rib was exposing too much of the forehead when the hat was stretched. 

Some info about the yarn used. 

At the time that this was released, Cygnet Boho spirit was being advertised as a DK. It is now recognised as more of a worsted weight. You'd be better off making this hat in worsted or aran as opposed to DK. They make much more satisfying bobble clusters. 


This is me wearing the Cygnet Boho Spirit sample. 

I think when it is your work you have to be happy with it. This is mine. It's personal. I don't want to send it off into the world if I know it's not as I want it to be. This new version is what I had always intended, I just couldn't find how it was going to happen until recently. 

The sample shown above is in Cygnet Boho Spirit in Dream. 

I also made a sample in Malabrigo worsted to show you how it works up in a slightly thicker yarn. I love the result! 

I've rolled the brim back here to make it more like a trawler beanie but you can wear it in either style. If worn without the brim rolled back, there's a bit of space at the back of the head for slouch. You could add a pom pom too if you wanted! 

In this video I'm going to show you how to do the decreases and how to finish off the crown. Let me know what you think! 

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Between 14th October and 19th October you can get 15% off the Jewel hat (crochet version) pattern, Cygnet Boho Spirit and crochet hooks. 



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Love this! May have to raid my malabrigo stash!!

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