Rectangle lace shawl. The Titania crochet wrap. V stitch crochet

The Titania crochet shawl

Welcome autumn with this new crochet rectangular wrap: The Titania crochet shawl. 

Titania crochet shawl. Long rectangular crochet lace wrap.

Pictured: The Titania Crochet Shawl draped over a mannequin's shoulders. 

When will this shawl be released? 

As of Friday 7th October, the Titania crochet shawl is available online. It is a rectangular crochet shawl named after the Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Titania is a graceful, delicate rectangular wrap with the strength and structure to hold up through cooler months. From the Greek meaning “Great One”, Titania is possibly the loveliest crochet piece I feel I have ever designed. 

How big is this shawl? 

It measures a whopping 19.5in (49.5cm) wide and 80in (204cm) long when blocked. This really will wrap around you. If you know someone who is 6'4, it is the same height as them! 

What yarn did I use to make the Titania shawl? 

As with a lot of my designs, the yarn came before the shawl. Sometimes it just tells me what it wants to be. You know how it is with yarn! It has powers. 

I used a Silk / Bluefaced Leicester blend as both fibres are known for their sheen, strength and drape. This shawl hangs in a way that reminds me of water and its movement. The v stitches create a flower-like shape and run symmetrically either side of the central panel, like a reflection on still water. Feel every bit ethereal when you wear this piece. My shawl was made using The Definitely on purpose Unicorn by Black Stag yarn and fibre. It's a bluefaced leicster and silk blend 4ply yarn. There;s a 55% Bluefaced Leictester and 45% silk in every skein, so this really is 'special' yarn. You can read more about it here.

Definitely on purpose unicorn hand dyed silk bloend yarn used for the Titania shawl.

 Pictured: A close up of The Definitely On Purpose Unicorn. 

What is the difficulty level for this shawl pattern? 

An adventurous beginner can create this beautiful shawl as it requires the double crochet stitch and the half double crochet stitch.

With only a two stitch pattern repeat, this shawl should be nice and repetitive for you to work on. As it works into the chain spaces rather than the chains, it is also speedy compared with crocheting row by row into every stitch. 

Crochet lace shawl. The Titania crochet lave wrap across shoulders.

Pictured: The Titania shawl photographed from the back when worn horizontally across the shoulders. 

Other yarn ideas for the Titania shawl.  

Let's have a look at the different yarns that dome of my testers have used already to make this shawl. Below are samples made by my crochet testers. 

This shawl sample was made by Suzanne (Sluvs2knit on Ravelry) and uses Alize Diva Ombre Batik 7370 which is a 4ply gradient cake yarn. I think it's worked up beautifully and shows off the shawl's qualities. 

A lace shawl hanging from a window. The Titania lace shawl. Alize Diva Ombre batik.


If you're looking for something warmer, you could try Eden Cottage Yarns Tempo 4ply as Elsa has used here. This colourway is called Woodland and you can read more about it here.  This is a gorgeous colour and fibre for autumn! I think hand dyed looks exceptional here too. 

Close up of Tempo 4ply in woodland. Rectangular lace shawl

Pictured: A close up of the Titania shawl using Tempo 4ply. 

 Maritsa has used a cotton blend 4ply for her shawl. Isn't it fabulous? Cotton was a more practical option for Maritsa making it and wearing it in Greece during late summer. Hasn't she done a wonderful job? Sometimes I worry that if I can't make something in the recommended yarn, it may not look as good. However as you can clearly see here, this works great with cotton. I absolutely love it. 

Titania Lace Shawl worked in cotton yarn. 4ply lace shawl
If solid colours are your thing, take a look at Carla's sample! I saw this and thought 'wow' but that could just be because I love bold, bright solids. I may have to make another sample in this colour as it's wonderful. Great job, Carla!
Red crochet shawl
Pictured, Carla's sample of the Titania shawl. 
I have one more to show you. This is Mary's sample which was made using Knitpicks Hawthorne fingering in Woodstock. 
The Titania crochet lace wrap
I hope you enjoyed seeing the samples from my testers. I certainly did! Which is your favourite? 
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